Eye poke injuries

Eye poke injuries are fairly common and need treatment in case of infection.

Eye poke injuries occur usually from a guinea pigs love of tunneling in their bedding.

The biggest culprit is straw though hay poke injuries happen too. It is more common for the eye to react to having got a hay seed caught in the lid of the eye than a hay poke (upper or lower lid).

A vet visit is essential in case of infection. Antibiotic eye drops are normally dispensed as a precaution and within 14 days the eye is back to normal. The covering that seals the eyeball is merely a protective one while healing is taking place.

The Optic Nerve is attached to brain therefore infection should be avoided at all costs.

During healing a protective cover forms over the eye.

Picture courtesy of Reading Guinea Pig Rescue.

January 1, 2009   Posted in: Gallery