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First Aid

A list of what is needed for first aid for guinea pigs:  First Aid to mean” initial emergency care prior to veterinary attention”. Often this first aid treatment is potentially life saving action before guinea can be assessed by a vet. Therefore the products listed will be “must haves” as opposed to what is needed […]

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What is a guinea pig rescue?

    What should the role of a rescue be? Guinea Pig Welfare believes rescues have an extremely important role in the guinea pig community. As they are often looked upon as a good and beneficial source, the responsibility of accuracy of information and education is paramount. Rescues are often trusted because they have simply […]

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March, 4 Guinea Pig Rescue…

The Guinea Pig Welfare theme for March is “March, 4 Guinea Pig Rescue”. During March we will be looking at different aspects of Guinea Pig Rescue. To contribute to our feature visit our Facebook page here and leave your comments. We will be featuring some rather influential rescue guinea pigs and seeing what part they […]

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The Issue with Permethrin…

Thanks go to Daisy’s Human, Louise, for sending us this story in the hope that it will publicise the need to check exactly what you are giving your guinea pigs and to underline the fact that it should not be Permethrin! All medicines have side effects and all guineas will react differently and with varying […]

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The Pigs In The Pigture are…

I have chosen Big Dave and Maggie as the Guinea Pig Welfare Cupigs because, putting gorgeousness aside, they were given the choice when it came to a new friend and chose each other. Compatible companionship is as important as the correct bedding, both are related to guinea pigs’ behavioural needs and natural needs, companionship for […]

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Bee’s Mum…

Maple’s human has had several guinea pigs from me when I ran Reading Guinea Pig Rescue, eventually moving out of the area but still keeping touch. The time came when Maple’s humans decided that they needed to take a break from keeping guineas but knew that Maple couldn’t continue to live on his own after […]

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The Magnificent Seven…

This story was first posted in October 2008…   … made their way onto Planet Guinea this afternoon at around 3.30 and finished arriving at around 4.30. Not totally sure on times but it took about an hour for them all to arrive. The eighth, Wonder has already gone to be a Star on Planet […]

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  “Hamish was adorable and clearly wanted to be loved too. Tara chose him as her new friend when she was already five. She was pretty set in her ways by then and it took a few days of rearing heads and chattering teeth for her to accept that he was now in charge but […]

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