Food Sources

The local farm shop/equine supplier is probably best placed to source different foods/bedding in large quantities. Look them up in your Yellow Pages.

  • Dried short chopped grasses are ideal to feed daily and all year round proving storage space is available. Generally the Calcium to Phosphorus ratio is correct but they are high in Calcium meaning that they cannot be fed in unmeasured amounts. A large handful daily between two guinea pigs is adequate. Often this is fed at a separate time to fresh food as an extra meal but this is optional.
  • Dried food is available online in large quantities and also from Farm Shops/Equine Suppliers. By supporting local farmers and buying from them you are also looking after your carbon footprint.  The main points to remember when selecting a dried food is that they are a good size and shape for the guinea pig to eat, do not contain any colourings (even EEC permitted) and it is one of the least important parts of the diet.

Dried, short chopped grasses:

Graze On:

Short chopped grass (including several Ryegrasses, Doveytail Fescue and Timothy). Is compressed and packed in a plastic bag.

For your local stockist see the Stockists page, which includes a list of online suppliers.

Feed one large handful between two guinea pigs daily.

Just Grass:

Just Grass is a blend of grasses (including Timothy and Ryegrass) compressed and packed in a plastic bag, weight 15kg.

Just grass is available to buy online from Dodson Horrell’s shop. Use their stockist locator to find your nearest supplier of Dodson and Horrell goods. Also available from your local farm shop.

Feed one large handful between two guinea pigs daily.


Readigrass is a short chopped grass that is compressed and packed into a plastic bag.There are 2 sizes: 1kg pet pack and a 15kg  large compressed bale.

Readigrass is available to buy online from the Friendship Estate shop or can be bought from your local farm shop/equine supplier.

Feed one large handful between two guinea pigs daily.

Dry foods (mixes and pellets)

Oxbow Cavy Cuisine:

A Timothy grass meal based pellt that is a good size for guinea pigs to eat. Optimal Ca:Ph ratio. Available online from and some vets and pet shops. Available in: 2.25kg, 4.5kg and 22kg.

Oxbow Cavy Performance:

Performance is Alfalfa based and designed to provide a high Protein and high Calcium diet. When feeding guinea pigs that are a range of ages choose the Cavy Cuisine.

Chudley’s Rabbit Royale:

A rabbit muesli suitable for feeding guinea pigs. Despite there being no added Vitamin C guinea pigs should get itfrom their fresh food x2 daily. It contains pellets, forages, herbs, vegetables and cereals. Available in pet size bags and 15kg sacks.

Supreme Science Selective:

A pellet food made with dandelion, nettle and fennel. The pellet has a hole in the middle which has been known to become lodged oin guinea pig’s teeth and need removing. Buy online from or some local pet shops or vets. Comes in 2kg and 10kg.

Wagg Guinea Pig Crunch:

A muesli without artificial colourings that is widely available in supermarkets, and pet shops. Available in 2kg and 15kg bags.

Wagg Optimum:

A widely available pelleted food. Available from pet shops and some supermarkets in 10kg and 1.5kg bags.