Monty’s Story
Monty arrived here on his own in a lovely blue cage, all new and with mineral licks and salt stones hanging from the bars. Treat sticks were scattered in his cage and a couple of seed ones also hung from the bars.  These were immediately disposed of- immediately after the papers were signed and Monty was a rescue that is. Monty had belonged to a young Human, about nine, and the parents had bought a waterbottle with a float in the top so he could see when the bottle needed refilling (Every day people, every day! More often and you need a bigger bottle!).
Monty was just 12 wheeks old on arrival, having spent just 2 wheeks in his new home after leaving the care of the pet shop the Humans found one of them was allergic to him resulting in the need for him to be rehomed. Monty is a Satin guinea pig who was sold with no warnings of what might lie ahead for him should he go onto develop Osteodystrophy- but then its quite likely that the pet store in question had no knowledge of OD. Monty has since been rehomed with a lonely sow and with Humans that have been told OD is a possibility, their vet is knowledgable about OD in guinea pigs and has seen and treated previous cases, should the need arise he will be in good hands.