Wheekerpedia: L

L is for:

Lasix: Is the brand name for the diuretic frusemide. Sometimes useful in cases of pneumonia. More information here: NOAH.

Lice: Running Lice or Static Lice, both are common in guinea pigs and until recently were difficult to remove. Gorgeous Guineas trialled several versions of their Lice N Easy before settling on the current one they sell that is widely used by private individuals and rescues alike. It was also trialled against their popular shampoo Manuka and Neem but the Manuka and Neem was found to be not nearly as effective. Remember, once is not enough, a full course of treatment as recommended in the accompanying instructions should be given.

Lilac Self

A Dove Grey Self variety of guinea pig with Ruby eyes.

Lip Sores: Easily remedied with F+M from Gorgeous Guineas, also don’t give/reduce the amount given of fruit/tomatoes, they can also contribute to them.

Lip Sores/Mouth Scabs

Lucerne: Lucerne is a legume that is high in Protein, also known as Alfalfa.


The coat is coarse with a dense undercoat and does not lie flat against the body. Wavy coat. A fairly new variety of guinea pig to the UK