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Thistle Cavies’ February Newsletter

Thank you to Thistle Cavies for letting us share their February news letter. It goes to show that, like RGPR, Thistle would rather guinea pigs are surrendered sooner than later. Where guinea pigs are purchased from a reputable rescue/source one would hope that the commitment needed is made very clear to potential adopters. The pictures […]

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Finding Friends…

After the successful collaboration of Gorgeous Guineas and Planet Guinea last year the Planet Gorgeous Bitesize newsletter has evolved, bringing monthly hints and tips that are current and topical. Finding Friends… Guinea pigs should be allowed to find their friends as opposed to being “bonded” with them or having no say in the matter. Being […]

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Satin ‘Update’…

It’s been quite a while since the last ‘update’, this is because nothing has really changed. When Reading Guinea Pig Rescue first got involved with the Satin Study it was to become aware of an issue that was likely to affect them and who better to collaborate with than breeders who keep Satins in large […]

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