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Still Solo, but not solitary…

The time came this wheek for Mr Big to move out of the family home. He has already reached the grand age of four wheeks and as cute as baby Mr Bigs would be we certainly don’t need any! There were two options, to move in with his cousins or to pair him up with […]

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Mr. Big-ger

      First Posted June 20, 2008   Despite that shaky start to life Mr Big has been taking advantage of what he has got- a Mum all to himself, some yummy solids that he can, at last manage and friends to play with His weight on the 17 June was 203g and he […]

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Happy Halloween, but did you know..?

Some frighteningly funny and seriously spooky facts about guineas… Guinea pigs eat their soft droppings, known as coprophagy, to obtain vitamins not taken in the first time around. Guinea pigs frequently live until 6 years, and more and sometimes to 9 or even more! Some guineas are great hairdressers and will give their friends a […]

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Guinea Pig Welfare | Guinea Pig Welfare on You Tube Come and join us on Facebook for the most up to date goings on and subscribe to our You Tube channel for information videos.

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