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Fungal Skin Problems

Fungal problems can appear independently of mites and care should be taken that the correct treatment is given. Ivermectin products used to treat mites can dry the skin and irritate further. The first symptoms may appear on the ears, either as crusting or white tide marks. If the ears are left untreated they may ‘crumble’ […]

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Fungal and Parasitic Skin Problems

Often fungal and parasitic skin conditions are present together  and both need to be treated.The priority should be to relieve the guyinea pig of any itching that may be caused by mites burrowing under the skin or debris on the skin surface. The burrowing type of mite will cause intense pain and lesions will soon […]

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Our Photo Gallery illustrates some of the text contained in Guinea Pig Welfare. We hope you find it useful. None of the words or pictures are a substitute for a guinea pig competent vet. You have a legal obligation to seek medical treatment/advice from a vet if your guinea pig is ill.

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