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Just Another Year?

That was 2011! Just another year, or was it? For me the highs were our seventh Piggy PM held at Active Vetcare with the support, as always, of The Hay Experts, Gorgeous Guineas and the band of enthusiastic volunteers. 2011 also saw the second Guinea Pig Welfare Wheek which reached a larger number of guineas […]

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Blowing One’s Own Trumpet…

There is no point in blowing your own trumpet if no one is listening but if they are then… Many thanks for every one’s Emails etc over the years, but this one in particular summed up everything I stand for and want to represent: Some Northern guineas have the good fortune to belong to a […]

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Moving Swiftly On…

Reading Guinea Pig Rescue have made the difficult, but correct, decision to close the rescue in its current form. After 10 years of rehabilitating and rehoming guinea pigs I feel that the time has come for moving on with our guinea pig community. There will always be a need for rescues as long as their […]

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Reading Guinea Pig Rescue website

Guinea Pig Welfare is becoming a less locally based website as time goes on and we have made the decision to move the locally based Reading Guinea Pig Rescue website to a different hosting. The domain now points to the new site. Hopefully this will make things a little clearer too. Our other associated […]

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Planet Gorgeous: Rescue and Fostering- one and the same?

Rescue is the place where the guineas first land from wherever and are assessed by the head honcho, who then decides what each guinea needs.  If the rescue has a foster-carer, they need to decide what criteria they use to decide which guineas they keep and which go to be fostered.  Also, what “rules and regulations” […]

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Guinea Pig Welfare Pigfesto 2010

Read through the Guinea Pig Welfare Pigfesto to find out what the essentials are for providing a guinea pig friendly home; by putting these into practise guinea pigs are “allowed to be guinea pigs”, which in turn impacts on health and wellbeing: A correctly balanced diet including fresh water. Diet should be made up of […]

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Thistle Cavies’ February Newsletter

Thank you to Thistle Cavies for letting us share their February news letter. It goes to show that, like RGPR, Thistle would rather guinea pigs are surrendered sooner than later. Where guinea pigs are purchased from a reputable rescue/source one would hope that the commitment needed is made very clear to potential adopters. The pictures […]

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What’s In A Rescue? (Thistle Cavies Newsletter)

Thistle Cavies shared their experiences of so called “rescues” in their January 2010 newsletter. All too often breeders are referred to as ‘uncaring’ and “bad sources” to get guinea pigs from, and there are cases where this is true, what is rarely commented upon is that exactly the same can be said of some “rescues”, […]

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