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May 7, 2014   Posted in: One Is Not Enough, The Pig Issue  No Comments

March is for Rescue!

Guinea Pig Welfare is dedicating the month of March to the rescue cause. Somewhat timely as very recently a rescue needed to be “rescued” and the animals, including some guinea pigs, were relocated. This is by no means the first or last time this will happen and the public must decide whether they wish to […]

March 2, 2014   Posted in: March 4 Rescue Guineas, Planet Guinea  No Comments

Guinea Pig Welfare Wheek

In November 2013 we held our third Guinea Pig Welfare Wheek at Active Vetacare Tilehurst, Berkshire. During the wheek guineas are entitled to a free health check from a vet and receive a free goody bag with goodys for the guineas. This year, as always, The Hay Experts and Gorgeous Guineas donated the useful gifts; […]

December 27, 2013   Posted in: Planet Guinea  No Comments

Diary of Samson’s Castrate

Samson was to be the next boar to live with the girls but first there was the little matter of having him castrated. Samson is already a Dad and two of his daughters are already living here. Monday: The day before the castrate Samson has a Gorgeous Guineas‘ Spring Into Summer bath so  he is […]

May 29, 2013   Posted in: Health, Inside The Hutch, One Is Not Enough, Planet Guinea, The Pig Issue  No Comments

Spring Into Summer…

April 21, 2013   Posted in: FaceBook/You Tube, Gallery, Planet Guinea, Seasonal care  No Comments

… Mr. Fantastic

This wheek Mr. Fantastic went to be a star on Planet Guinea. He’s the dark one with a light underside and points, can be seen hanging back in the dark night sky, very obvious if you look for him… Mr. Fantastic arrived here as head of the herd when the lovely Cloud left us to […]

April 20, 2013   Posted in: FaceBook/You Tube, Planet Guinea, The Pig Issue  No Comments

“To Be Allowed To Express Normal Behaviour”

The ability to express normal behaviour. To be able to burrow in hay, run and have shelter to ‘hide’ in if desired. To have a friend(s) in the correct living sized accommodation.     Hay and a compatible friend are probably the most important components for allowing guinea pigs to express “normal” behaviour. Both hay and […]

April 13, 2013   Posted in: Behaviour, Health, Husbandry, Inside The Hutch, One Is Not Enough  No Comments

First Aid

A list of what is needed for first aid for guinea pigs:  First Aid to mean” initial emergency care prior to veterinary attention”. Often this first aid treatment is potentially life saving action before guinea can be assessed by a vet. Therefore the products listed will be “must haves” as opposed to what is needed […]

April 12, 2013   Posted in: FaceBook/You Tube, Health, Husbandry, Inside The Hutch, Planet Guinea, Seasonal care  No Comments