Mr. Melt

Mr Melt – noblest of chaps

Sadly Mr Melt decided to join his girls over the rainbow bridge recently.  He had been suffering from complications relating to his heart and teeth for about 18 months and finally his heart gave out and he’d had enough, so we helped him over the bridge gently just before Christmas. Mr Melt and I cuddled up together for 3 hours before it was his time and we spent that time saying our farewells.  I won’t forget that time Melty, ever.

We don’t know how old Mr Melt was.  He was found with his companion (Milly who I also adopted) about 4-5 years ago by the RSPCA in a terrible state.  Karen from Reading Guinea Pig Rescue and Chrissie from Gorgeous Guineas worked tirelessly to bring him back to health.  Their story is here and he even made it into the RSPCA newsletter.

Gorgeous Guineas

I adopted Mr Melt after my 3 girls were continually bickering; Chrissie suggested I think about adding a boy to ‘sort things out’.  She was right and Mr Melt was a joy to have, sorting out the girls and clearly loving the attention!  Thelma my top girl, tried to boss him about when he first arrived, he was having none of it and gently but firmly put his nose under her tummy and rolled her over!  After that they had a mutual respect and jointly managed the herd which then grew to six.

When Mr Melt arrived he was very shy and clearly didn’t trust people.  He would shake like mad when holding him and it took a year for him to fully trust us.  We have many wonderful fond memories of him. One such memory was his ability to pee silently with no warning.  I swear he would grin as he literally soaked you!!

One day I was bathing him and I left him as instructed with the shampoo working on his coat for five minutes.  I wrapped him in a towel and left him on the kitchen floor as I went to wash another.  When I returned he had gone.  I searched high and low and there he was, as fast as his little legs could carry him, running down the hallway leaving soap suds in his trail!

He never complained, he was off and on antibiotics and heart meds for a lot of his life and he was a joy to medicate, practically opening his mouth to help you.  He was happy as long as he had cuddles after and nothing better than to snuggle up under my chin and lean against my neck as much as he could.  It was a lovely feeling and he showed such affection in his later years.  Although on one occasion when finishing an examination at the vets he calmly walked over to me, nipped me on the hand before parking himself in his carry case.

He was also a very sensitive boy. His girlfriend a girl that he bonded with immediately was a little sow called Bonnie.  They were inseparable and when Bonnie passed away last year he sat by her body and cried and cried for over half an hour. In the end we had to remove him he was so upset.  I take comfort that he is now with her and they will be snuggled somewhere eating grass.

In short, Mr Melt was one in a million, he didn’t like fuss, he was slightly aloof but he allowed me to be part of his life and he loved me and let me into his life.  We had a very special bond and understanding that you rarely experience.  He looked after my girls admirably,  and he leaves a huge, huge hole in our hearts which won’t ever be filled. I don’t know how we will ever really get over losing him and I hope that his memory will live on.

Sleep well my gorgeous boy, it was pleasure loving you and you will always have a massive place in my heart.

(Mr. Melt’s Human, Jackie)

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Mr. Melt and his favourite girl, Bonnie.

Posing, naturally

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With Bonnie