Guinea Pig Care

The 5 Freedoms were recommended to D.E.F.R.A. by the R.S.P.C.A as part of the Animal Welfare Act. These are the minimum recommendations that are referred to in a court of law.

  1. A proper diet, including fresh water. Fresh food at least twice daily, unlimited good hay, with hay making up the main part of the overall diet.
  2. Somewhere suitable to live. 4 foot by 2 foot/120cm by 60cm accomodation for two guinea pigs.
  3. For any need to be housed with or apart from, other animals. Guinea pigs are sociable and must be housed with other compatible guinea pigs (not rabbits).
  4. The ability to express normal behaviour. To be able to burrow in hay, run and have shelter to ‘hide’ in if desired. To have a friend(s) in the correct living sized accomodation.
  5. Protection from and treatment of, illness and injury. Access to a guinea pig competent vet, find one before you need one!

Guinea Pig Welfare support the 5 freedoms as outlined by the RSPCA. They should be viewed as the minimum acceptable level of care for guinea pigs. See the document below for more information from the RSPCA:

PDF Document on Guinea Pig Care

Behaviour: Information about guinea pig behaviour and their needs in order to display natural behaviour.

Diet: For more detailed information on the dietry needs of guinea pigs.

Health: Information about the health of your guinea pigs.

Companionship: Information about companionship for your guinea pig.

Questions for your vet: A list of questions to ask your vet.