Boars as Friends

TRUE or FALSE: Any 2 Boars (males) live happily together when they are Litter brothers and never separated?

We asked this question on our Facebook page and were extremely pleased with the response! Here are a few of the replies:

  • Crystal: “The statement says “any two” which implies that all boars in this situation would be just fine. It can’t be “true” or “sometimes true,” because no, *all boars* are not fine together just because they are raised together. It isn’t asking if it is possible, it is asking if it is always the case. This thread is plenty of proof that the only answer is “False.” “
  • Pyretta: “False – but fortunately true with the 2 blood boar pairings i’ve owned at least! Apparently my Humphrey didn’t get along with (and had to be separated from) any of his siblings, male or female. :)”
  • Victoria: “False! I had 2 brothers start fighting at 6 wks old. Tried everything to get them to live together but nothing worked. They both had very dominant personalities. I recently took in yr old brothers who where also fighting. Just because piggys are related it doesn’t mean a life time bond. You need to find the right personalities.”
  • Carrie: “False, like humans some can get on and others won’t. Depends on personality :-)”
  • Vicki: “I have related boars in groups of 2 & 3 also have unrelated boats paired up happily. Guess I’m lucky to have such happy piggies!”
  • Louise: “Depends on the pigs, I had three boars living together once, they came to me as a trio. I made the mistake of removing one boar and the other two boars started fighting! So it would seem Ross was the calming influence! Every case must be treated differently. I’ve more issues with sow sisters my boars have never proved too much of a problem. :-)”
  • Jayne: “False – all down to personality i’m afraid and no guarantees whether they are litter mates or not”

Guinea Pig Welfare’s reply: Yes it is FALSE! There is no guarantee that guineas will unconditionally live together if litter brothers, this is a myth that is stated by some pet shop staff often due to inferior training, so whilst they believe they are being helpful giving advice it is wrong as all of these experiences have shown. Can I also make it clear that neutering does not effect the hormone levels enough to change behaviour, maturity often changes behaviour (but often in a negative way for a pairing). Adults can be paired together, I have sourced many boarfriends for lone boars whose Humans have contacted me.

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