A Gift For Planet Guinea…


Jasmine (gift from  god) has left us to become a Star on Planet Guinea (January 23 2010). She is the big, chunky, bright shiny star that is usually in the same place and chooses not to move around. When she does move it is in direct straight lines that reach their destination quickly.

Jasmine was around 5 andcame to Planet Guinea as part of the Satin Study along with Cooper and Rosa when she was about 2. A big chunky sow, she didn’t develop signs of what may have been Osteodystrophy until the last few months of her life- however her mouth has always been ‘perfect’ pointing to the fact that it may not have been Osteodystrophy at all.

Jasmine was a favourite at the local primary school where she visited several times and was a ‘guinea pig’ for a local vet visiting the school. Jasmine also attended Piggy PMs where she was a favourite with lots of people in the  guinea pig room.

Karen (Enjoying the quality of her gifts :) )