Mabel’s Story…

… When the lovely Lemony ( or Chantilly as she was known at Reading Guinea Pig Rescue) went to be a Star on Planet Guinea Cakey needed a new friend. Luckily Cakey was already castrated, all be it having been a rather unfortunate affair, read Cakey’s Story about how a simple castration operation went horribly wrong when a vet used catgut to stitch him up, catgut should NEVER be used on guineas as they can be seriously allergic to it.

However, Cakey’s Humans had decided that they wanted Cakey to be their final guinea and any guinea pig they took on now would need to be returned. At the time Lemony left us I had given up rescue but had just happened to take in a small group. one of whom was Miss Gobby…

Cakey came to Reading for his holidays with Chrissie at Gorgeous Guineas, he was due for a stay and was duly introduced to Miss Gobby. Introductions went without a hitch and Miss Gobby spent the rest of Cakeys holiday with him and returned home with him to be his new sowfriend.

Miss Gobby was renamed Mabel and had landed on her little paws, as do all the guineas I rehome, her Human traveled from London to Reading to get the best vetcare for her guineas and to Reading to find a rescue that could guarantee they would take Mabel back when the time came. Cakey and Mabel were a true love match, previously Lemony and Cakey had been great mates but with Mabel it was different.

Mabel and Cakey also came for their holidays in Reading, during which time I am told that not once was any aggression seen or noted… She also became a bit of a favourite with Chrissie who asked if she could offer her a home when the time came, if the situation was right. I was more than happy for Mabel to go to Chrissie, who has had many rescue guineas from me.

In December 2013 Cakey had to be helped on his way and after an appropriate time had passed  it was time for the inevitable to happen. Mabel went to Chrissie’s and after being allowed to settle was gradually introduced to Apollo and Venus. However the introduction time she spent with them got stuck on around 20 minutes before the aggression from her showed.

Mabel paid a visit to the vet for a check up and in particular for Ovarian Cysts which can make a guinea pig seem aggressive but all was well. This being the case it was decided to try her with a local bereaved boar, with the thinking that maybe she would settle with not having to share.

However the lovely Max was abruptly rejected in the same manner too. I was given the optioin of trying her with a pair of local sows or taking her in myself. Both myself and Chrissie felt that she had been through enough and it was time for her to find her Forever home.

Mabel had all her basic needs met, except, at the end, companionship. Normally guineas can be rehabilitated by making sure all needs are met, where they are neglected or not met is when problems arise. Mabel wasnt accepting our attempts to meet her needs though, or so it seemed, either that or she just didnt get on with the guineas she’d been introduced to. Either way she needed a friend(s).

I decided that when she came here she would lose the name Mabel, Mabel was Cakey’s close companion and with no Cakey there was no Mabel, she needed to become herself again. I called her Miss Gobby on arrival and for the first few days although it didnt really suit her anymore but we were not going back to Mabel!

So, I felt like this was the biggest challenge I’d ever met, a sow who had all her needs met above and beyond, save for the companionship which she was rejecting, it was over to my gang of Muppet Pigs to try and socialise her….

Queenie’s story to come…



Queenie with Breeze, Miss Gorgeous,, Dolly and Bumble on day one. Queenie was rather excited about her new companions but they didnt return the compliment and promptly ignored her …