Wheekerpedia: M

M is for:

Magpie: Head is half black half white, the body is a mixture of equal balance of black and white and black/white mixture.

Manuka Honey: Can be a useful antibiotic.

Medibed: A short chopped medicated straw that is soft enough and safe enough for bedding guinea pigs on. Do not use the longer straw that is commonly used for rabbits this often leads to eye poke injuries. See www.dengie.com for a list of stockists.

Megazorb: Is a bedding made from high temperature drying of wood pulp to remove moisture, kill spores and bacteria. See: Megazorb information.

Metacam: A painkiller and antiinflammatory that is also an NSAID. There have been some instances of guinea pigs not responding well to Metacam, i.e being lethargic and off food. As Metacam is in the body for a long time it is a while before a different drug can be tried instead. Metacam must be dosed per kilogram of body weight, therefore dosage will vary. Read more about Metacam and NSAIDs here.

Merino In Coat

A Rexed, crested and long haired variety of guinea pig. The rexoid version of the Coronet.

Mini Pig:

3 Days Old, born with different lengths to her legs and also a deformed back end.

Mini Pig is another term given to baby guinea pigs. They are born furred and “ready to run”. They are often eating “solids” within 24 hours of being born, though this varies from guinea pig to guinea pig. Litter size ranges from 1-8, though more have been claimed. Boars must be separated at 3-4 weeks old from Mum and Sisters to prevent any unwanted pregnancies.

Mites: Parasites that are usually species specific in guinea pigs. A mite infestation must be treated with a product containing Ivermectin on day 1 and day 10, with a bath inbetween to relieve any the skin by ridding it of dead parasites, eggs etc. Gorgeous Guineas make guinea pig specific shampoos that are ideal for this.

Mouth Tumour:

Mouth Tumour