Bee n And Gone… :(


Bee ing Gorgeous

Bee ing Gorgeous




Over Christmas Bee left us to be a Star on Planet Guinea, she’s the one with soft edges and a white splodge- almost choclatey in colour. She’s always there in front of the other Stars, making her presence known to all. For a long time now I’ve been waiting for her to turn a corner, one way or the other, unfortunately it wasn’t the way I would have liked but it needed to happen.

She left after a long time with dental issues (4 wheeks) meaning she couldn’t eat for herself and needed syringe feeding Oxbow Critical Care. After a wheek of back and forth to the vet and conscious dentals that revealed nothing I decided to let her be examined under general anaesthetic, this revealed a needle like tooth spur, 4mm long, right on her very back molar that took 3 attempts of totally looking around her mouth to see. I was given medicine to keep her gut moving  but was hopeful she would soon start eating for self. Bee only ever did manage to eat grated food again, apart from her syringe food. But she never lost her character, she never went downhill in spirit- Bouncy Bee was always there.

Bee arrived here completely unplanned when I went with a friend to help her choose her guinea pigs. It was her Mum who attracted me to her cage, then I met Bee, and instantly I called her Chocolate Splodge, it was her white flash on her shoulder and fuzzy hairstyle that made her stand out, she was full of Piggitude like her Mum was.

After a few days I noticed that Chocolate Splodge always had a bee in her bonnet about something, always at the front of the pen, standing up with her front feet on the panel and little nose in the air, so she was named Bee. There was only one day she didnt have that bee in her bonnet and that was the day I noticed something was wrong, from then on she became herself again…


Missing you is easy,

Remembering you is not,

You pay the fare,

I take the ride,

Destination you decide.

Life the journey,

happiness the feeling.

Just being what we’re being, tripping the feeling,

We got a ticket aboard life’s journey…


2months old

2months old

Bee ing cute...


Bee Yutiful

Bee Yutiful