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T is for:

Tangles: Longhaired guinea pigs can remain tangle free if groomed correctly. A monthly trim, brush and bath in www.gorgeousguineas.co.uk Posh N Go is often enough with maybe some minimal brushing in between.

This boar hadn't ever had a bath or trim when he arrived at Reading Guinea Pig Rescue.

Teddy: A short haired guinea pig with hairs that stand out from the body giving the appearance of a Rex Guinea pig but the hairs of the Teddy are straight.

Teeth: A guinea pig’s mouth has 20 teeth; 4 Incisors (2 top, 2 bottom), and 16 Molar (including Pre Molar) distributed between the upper and lower jaws. All guinea pig mouths are not the same, despite having the same dental make up. Guinea pigs can manage with one less or even one or two more Incisors in some cases, but all dental related problems should be seen by a guinea pig competent vet. The sooner they are put right and correctly, the easier they are to ‘fix’.

Texel: A Rexed version of the Sheltie with hair swept back off the face, in similar style as a Sheltie. Texels have the coarsest hair  of the Alpaca, Merino and Texel. Texels are bred in all colours and patterns as they are judged for coat not colour (in the UK).

Tongue: The tongue can be an indication of what might be happening with the teeth. A trapped tongue means overgrown Molars, dots/marks on the side of the tongue (for example) can be an indication of spurs that will, if not already doing so, eventually cause pain and the guinea pig will stop eating.

Dots on the side of the tongue might mean Molar problems.


A red and black variety of guinea pig. Patched as opposed to Brindled.