• Do guinea pigs play?

Guinea pigs need boredom breakers most definitely. In the wild guinea pigs spend a great deal of their waking time grazing on the low nutritional grasses probably in order to obtain the necessary vitamins and minerals they need and this also keeps their constantly growing teeth worn down of course. Coupled with roaming this provides a good enough boredom breaker for the wild guinea pigs.

How many boredom breakers can you spot?!

  • What can they play with?

Generally guinea pigs will derive pleasure from objects stuffed with hay and it is the hay that is breaking the boredom yet the way it is presented provides the variety. Some guinea pigs will “play” with balls and other commercial toys, these are usually fine proivided they are safe and hay filled boredom breakers are also provided. Good examples are: paper bags stuffed with hay (remove any handles), upturned boxes with holes cut/torn out as disposable houses, small boxes/tubes stuffed with hay.

Cheap n disposable preferred here 🙂

  • Do they need expensive toys?

Containers for hay need not be expensive, as guinea pigs are, as a rule, not toilet trained, something cheap and disposable is ideal!

Paper Bags of Fun are ideal!

  • How do I know if my guinea pigs will enjoy toys?

Toys stuffed with a good hay that is varied now and then are a sure winner as far as boredom breakers go.

Find alternative uses for everyday objects...

  • Where should I give them their toys?

Toys/boredom breakers should always be available so the guinea pigs can choose when to use them. Bigger and more solid houses (for example) may only be used in runs.

That's my bag...

  • When and how often should they have their toys?

Boredom breakers should always be available, varying them and the type of hay contained in them is even better.

Tubes and cylinder shapes are great!

The Hay Experts have some toys on this page that are fine for guinea pigs.