Resources in Reading and online

You will need:


Cavy Cuisine: available online from or Pets and Plants in Tilehurst.

Chudleys Rabbit Royale: A muesli mix. Does not contain vitamin C but this should be met easily by the fresh food diet. Available from Pets and Plants Tilehurst, B+J Dance Animal Feeds or B+J Dance, Swallowfield, Reading.

Water Bottles:

Thistle Cavies supply water bottles with a plastic screw that are easy to remove for refilling. You will also be helping rescue by buying from Thistle cavies. They hold a capacity of 500ml, one water bottle between 2 is usually sufficient rinse and refill daily.


Medibed: B+J Dance

Aubiose: B+J Dance

Jopack Flax: B+J Dance

Happy Soles (fleece bedding that is ‘purpose made’):

Hay: 3 times dustextracted hay.

B+J Dance (by the bale, large) for a variety of hays.

Shampoo: (shop) (further reading)

Grow your own: Stockists of seeds selected especially for guinea pigs. Information sent with each order.

Environment Enrichment:

Bags of Fun: provide a variety of Bags of Fun for a variety of guinea pig characters.


Cavy Cages: See for more information on these cages.

A D Signs supply Correx and deliver in the Reading area:

Mulberry Design and Print sell online, and have a variety of colours on offer. Different sizes on offer also.

Screwfix cubes. Screwfix is located at Norcot Junction roundabout on The Stadium industrial estate, West Reading. Delivery or pick up. Quote number: 43900

Miscellaneous Items:

Steriliser (eg Miltons) for sterilising bottles)

Bottle brush for cleaning bottles

Kitchen roll for wiping when the cage is washed/disinfected.

Disinfectant: Conficlean from

Newspapers to line cages

Little houses: Fiddlestix, Pigloos (ensure these have holes in the top for ventilation)

Oxbow Critical Care: (In case syringe feeding is necessary, often it isn’t but the guineas enjoy it and it can be fed to them in a bowl if it is approaching the ‘use by’ date). Available from The Hay Experts.

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