Piggy PM February 2010

Reading Guinea Pig Rescue are preparing for their fifth Piggy PM to be held in February (20) 2010. The theme will be ‘A proper diet, including fresh water. ‘ one of the RSPCA’s five freedoms. For guinea pigs this means a diet of 75% hay, fresh food twice daily and a small amount of dry food. Water is, of course, very important to the diet too. Lots of information about nutrition will be available as well as other aspects of guinea pig care. There will also be a ‘vet room’ where you can speak to our guinea pig competent vet and learn how to syringe feed your guinea pig, give tablets and other aspects of care that may be required  after visiting the vet.

Come and meet our resident guinea pigs and find out if they are the pet for you and what commitment you will be making by choosing guinea pigs as pets.

Meet Gorgeous Guineas and ask advice on skincare and purchase some of their Aromatherapy products that we use here at the rescue.

Free Guinea Pig Goody Bags for the first twenty five guinea pig owners through the door. The bags will reflect the theme of the day.

The open day is held at Active Vetcare Tilehurst (School Road) and has plenty of parking at the rear of the surgery or there is a bus stop directly outside the surgery (number 17).

Further updates will be on this page and on www.wheekersworld.co.uk

Supreme have donated bags of Selective for the goody bags and bags of Recovery too!

Wagg have donated prizes for the raffle.

We are waiting to see what goodies Dodson and Horrell will send!

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