Different seasons bring about specific requirements for guinea pig care. Because guinea pigs have not evolved enough to cope with our climate care should be taken to enhance their environment accordingly, so that it will mimic that of their natural habitat.

This can include the addition of air conditioning in the summer, or fans. Appropriate shade if guinea pigs are out in the sun is vital to their survival.

In the winter it is often bitterly cold, in their own environment guinea pigs would seek out protection long before the cold arrives, in the UK it is up to their carer.

The spring brings new grass which must be introduced slowly or bloat (often fatal) or diarrohea can occur.

The autumn is often a damp time of year when guinea pigs typically fall prey to fungal skin problems if left in these conditions.

Ensure steps for a safe season are taken before problems arise. This can be done by following our guidelines to basic good husbandry which are throughout the website.