Last night Rainbow went to be a Star on Planet Guinea after spending her final years here and attending all the Piggy PMs. She leaves behind Gloria, Lily, Mrs. Fox, Mr. Fantastic, Zola, Emi, Sienna, Zen and Mrs. Brightside. Rainbow was approaching her 7th birthday in August after spending 5 years here.

Rainbow arrived on Planet Guinea when her Human had a very unexpected change in personal circumstances. After her quarantine I had got to know rainbow pretty well as a laid back girlie, a background pig and certainly not having any problems about being handled, positively a Chill Pig if ever there was one. I decided that with her looks and laid back personality Rainbow should be given the chance to become a resident on Planet Guinea and could go to Piggy PMs. She was introduced to Cloud and his girls and fitted in immediately, no one took any notice of her arrival except for Cloud.

In Cloud’s pen she was to be found at the back of the open fronted hutch and would occasionaly wander out into the C+C pen for food and a drink.

Rainbow was an immediate favourite at school visits, her ample size (30 cms long) made her easy for young children to handle and she would happily sit in her basket/blanket on their laps. Similarly rainbow was a favourite at the Piggy PMs and was asked for by name by those who came along regularly 🙂 I was also asked on a few occasions if she was available for rehoming but the answer was, of course, always “no”!

At home Rainbow was very much a background guinea who troubled no one but similarly didn’t mix ortake part in mutual grooming, this was true of both the groups she lived with, Cloud and girls first and then Mr. Fantastic and his ladies. Her calm prescence was always felt though, no need to make a fuss Rainbow was a listener not a talker.

However the day before she left to become a Star on Planet Guinea rainbow’s behaviour changed in two ways that I noticed (though not so as to alert me to any illness, just a strange change in behaviour); firstly she took up residence in another Fiddlestix at the opposite side of the pen to her usual one, rainbow was always to be found in her fiddlestix head down and sleeping usually or chomping on hay 🙂 Secondly the always quiet Rainbow wheeked at me when I came into the shed a couple of days before she died, Rainbow has never wheeked while she has been here. Hardly cause for a trip to the vet but noted they were.

Rainbow and Friends

Rainbow and Gloria

How cute am I?