Miss Gobby (part one)

Miss Gobby arrived after I had shut the rescue,

I had a call from someone local who urgently needed to rehome all their rabbits and guinea pigs. Their landlord was enforcing the terms of the contract that stated pets were not to be kept. I immediately said “no” to taking in the rabbits and provided a contact who would be able to help. There were several boars needing to be rehomed, but again I said “no”, boars are difficult to rehome at the best times and with no money for vets fees and castration bills I didnt even consider taking them. Again they were referred to another rescue.

The rescue feeling never leaves, that buzz and excitement of taking in these little people and helping them find new humans and happy lives, and that was the reason I took Miss Gobby and her 3 friends in. I am still contacted about guinea pigs and sources of so was confident I could rehome them and within a few  months they were all rehomed.

Miss Gobby, 3 years old,  went speed dating with the lovely Cakey who was on his own after Lemony (also a Reading Guinea Pig Rescue guinea pig) went to be a Star on Planet Guinea. The pair were a love match and Miss Gobby was renamed Mabel. She went to live with the lovely Cakey on the understanding that when Cakey died I would take her back, either to introduce to my herd or rehome to an Animal Welfare Act compliant home.

Mabel was with Cakey for almost 2 years making her now 5. Sadly poor Cakey needed to be helped on his way to be a Star on Planet Guinea on Christmas Eve 2013, leaving Mabel alone but with back up plans for the rest of her little life, or so we thought… Mabel however obviously had other things going on…

2014-05-04 16.36.29

Plans were made for Mabel when she was rehomed to live with Cakey, but things dont always go according to plan, especially where guineas are concerned!

Mabel’s Story, part two…