October 2011 saw Gorgeous Gloria go to be a star on Planet Guinea. Glo arrived aged 6 weeks in January 2008 with her 2 cage mates. She was a purchase from Pets @ Home, her Humans hadn’t realised the commitment needed and with 3 young children in the family as well they decided it best to bring her to the rescue sooner rather than later. Poor Glo and friends were being kept on shavings in a one metre cage as sold by the afore mentioned store 🙁 For a soon to be long haired guinea (this was obvious fron her scruffy semi longhaired coat!) shavings were not suitable even if they didn’t have all the other associated problems (cause of respiratory issues, dry out skin leaving it prone to fungal infection and generally smelling awful particularly to thoise who carry noses close to the ground).

I had that soft spot feeling the moment I picked Glo up, such a little scruffy bundle and so cute. BUT I decided that I would take her to a Piggy PM and see how she coped, if all went well she would stay, if not then I would rehome her. Gloria was a star at the February Piggy PM and for much of the time I carried her around and introduced her to people. A Piggy PM Princess was born 🙂 This was her contribution to Pigdom, to represent the curly long haired guineas to the public and encourage discussion about the care they needed.

At home Glo was an independent little girl, always there at the front when it was timeto be fed, I think probably the bottom of the pack because when a newcomer was introduced it was Glo that took issue with them and let them know she was around.

Total Chillpig Princess

Glo, 2010

Gloria loved her Vetch

Does my bum look BIG in this???!