Particular issues to be aware of in Autumn are:


Guinea pigs are often more at risk from harm due to being in a damp environment than a cold one for example. They have not evolved enough to cope with our damp climate and their skin and respiratory systems benefit greatly from being kept inside during the damp seasons.

Problems that are a result of being in a damp environment will not right themselves, even when treated correctly, if the environment is not improved greatly. Often this means moving the hutch into an outbuilding or moving the guinea pigs into the house.

Problems that are seen as a result of a damp environment include fungal skin conditions, when coupled with poor husbandry and if bedded on Woodshavings the likliehood of fungal problems rises considerably. It is important that as well as treating the guinea pig it self the environment is considered too. For more information on fungal problems see: Gorgeous Guineas

Moving guinea pigs back into the out building/shed/house:

Because of the risk of fungal and respiratory problems that the damp weather bring, guinea pigs need to be moved back into their winter accommodation in September. Although the temperature may not have dropped the climate is more often than not, starting to get damper.