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Can I smell grass?

Particular issues and conditions to be aware of in Summer are:

  • Lice: The warmer weather brings with an increase in Lice seen in Guinea Pigs. Gorgeous Guineas report that their Lice N’ Easy shampoo sales peak during the summer months and extra care should be taken to investigate coats for lice.

Lice appear very quickly on guinea pigs and are not necessarily evidence of long term neglect. Within a week a guinea pig can be infested with visible wriggling lice and even with daily inspection they can have what seems like nothing one day and an infestation the next. However regular inspection of the coat (particularly in the summer months) does mean they will be caught earlier. Blow gently into the coat to part the hairs and see if anything is moving around in there, this could be lice.

Treatment is necessary with Lice N Easy shampoo from

Ivermectin treatment does not make a difference. Topical Ivermectin products may kill off hatched lice but will not eliminate the eggs which will hatch in about 7 days. Therefore bathing is a necessity if they are to be totally eliminated. Instructions are included with your order and on the website.
In the first instance use the shampoo you have available (preferably Gorgeous Guineas) to relieve guinea and then order your Lice N Easy .

Sources are damp hay (lice and other parasites can stay hydrated in the dampness) and grass etc.

  • Heat: Some guinea pigs are more at risk from heatstroke than others, though care should be taken to keep all guinea pigs cool. Breeding from guinea pigs in the summer months is not advisable, although the weather is varied and heatwaves do not last all summer it is impossible to know what the weather will be like when the sow litters.

Travelling with guinea pigs in the heat is not advisable because of the risk of heatstroke. Adopt from your local breeder or rescue, rather than subjecting guinea pigs to travelling longer distances.

When you select the boarding establishment for your guinea pigs ensure that they know how to respond when a guinea pig has heatstroke and check that they have air conditioning to cool the environment.  How often will they check on the guinea pigs during a heatwave? Are they available to check them every 20 minutes?

Do not give frozen food, guinea pigs food must always be at room temperature, save the lollies for the Humans.

  • Boarding: Reputable boarding establishments for guinea pigs are not as widespread as, for example, dog and cat ones might be. Take time to choose a place that is knowledgable about guinea pigs and has a guinea pig competent vet. Book your guinea pig’s holiday before you book yours.