Wheekerpedia: E

E is for:

Ears: Guinea pigs ears can show the first signs of fungal problems. White tide marks or heavy crusting/scabbing are an obvious sign. Kwench Lotion from Gorgeous Guineas often rights this problem on its own, for more advice contact Gorgeous Guineas on info@gorgeousguineas.com. There is a bald patch behind each ear, get to know how big it is and what the skin looks like in case of change.

Excel (Burgess) Foodstuffs: Burgess Excel have a range of products suitable for guinea pigs including their Blackcurrant and Oregano pellet which is also a good “guinea pig mouth” sized pellet as opposed to the ordinary nugget which is a little large. The Forage, herbage and Rolled Nature Mint/Nettle and Dandelion Snacks are particular favourites with most guinea pigs. Website: Burgess Excel.

Exercise: While guinea pigs do exercise they not do so to the same extent, for example, as rabbits. It is preferable to give guinea pigs a pen/cage that is much larger than the recommended 4 foot by 2 foot (120 cm by 60 cm) in order that they can exercise when they choose.

Eyes: Should look bright and alert. Eye poke injurys should be seen by a vet who can give antibiotic drops to minimise risk of infection. The eye is cloudy while it heals but will soon right itself. Abscesses behind the eye need immediate attention. Do NOT wait for your own vet to be available for emergency treatment.