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W is for:

Water: Alongside hay water is one of the most important parts in a guinea pig’s diet. Water should be provided in a bottle or bowl (if it can be kept clean 24/7) or even both. Medicines should not be added to water, the amount taken and by which guinea pig cannot be accurately measured. Similarly it can make the water taste horrible and discourage drinking.


Whiskers can be straight or curly depending on the variety of guinea pig. Teddys, Rexes, Merinos, Alpacas, and Texels all have curly whiskers (though some Teddies have straight ones), also any Dolly Mixture (cross bred) versions of these.

White Self: 

A solid coloured guinea pig, commonly pink eyed, also in dark eyes.

Wood shavings: Should not be used as bedding for guinea pigs because they carry their noses and bodies close to the ground. Continued use of woodshavings is likely to cause the guinea pig to become sensitised to them, can cause an Upper Respiratory Tract Infection, increases the likelyhood of the guinea pig developing skin problems and has been said to cause liver problems. There are plenty of alternative beddings around that are safer to use.

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