Bert and Ernie…

Bert and Ernie:
Bert and Ernie were no  strangers to rescue when they arrived here, this was their second stay (that we know of) in a rescue. They were previously kept in an outside run all year round along with several rabbits that were also surrendered. The run became a total mud bath and uninhabitable, the ground was attracting rats and Ernie had several bite wounds on his legs and feet that our vet identified as rat bites. Bert was a good weight, though Ernie was scrawny.
The bites on Eries legs and feet turned to abscesses and slowly merged into one on each foot. They needed lots of flushing out twice daily and with the help of Manuka Honey and Baytril the last one went! But not before the threat of possibly having his foot amputated to stop the spread.
Bert and Ernie went to live out their retirement with a family they could call their own and where they were the centre of attention.