Picking up the pieces…

Layla of NEGPR sent this story in about a group of guinea pigs whose health had been compromised because a large number was being kept… A reputable rescue will keep guinea pigs until they are well enough to be rehomed both emotionally and physically.

 “They came into rescue about 5 weeks ago along with 40 other guineas. Their owner was unwell and could no longer cope with them. I think she had been struggling for a while as many had health issues.

The four girls are called Daisy, Twinkle, Sooty and Beauty. Beauty is the oldest and is Sooty’s mother. Beauty is about 5 years old. The others are over 3.5 years. Beauty, Sooty and Daisy all had very large bladder stones lodged in their urethras when they arrived. These had to be removed using episiotomies as the stones were so large. They have all recovered well and Xrays showed no further stones. We think that with a good diet and lots of water they will be fine now. Beauty also had a slight dental issue which appears to have resolved. They all required mite treatment. Twinkle had a large lump removed from her neck yesterday. We are awaiting the results of her biopsy. We will have a better idea of her prognosis then.

Despite all the health issues they arrives with, they are lively, inquisitive and friendly girls. They get on well together. They are small piggies – all weigh under 790 grams.”


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March 28, 2015   Posted in: March 4 Rescue Guineas