On the 28 November 2011 Sienna went to be a Star on Planet Guinea. She’s the spiky orange star, always out there in the front of the others.

Sienna was only living on Planet guinea because her Human insisted that if I wanted her sister Emi then Sienna was to come too because they were so close, and she was right! As a teenager I bred and showed Abyssinians and when the chance of owning one again came along I jumped at it. Sienna had been bred from twice and her sons (as it usually is the boars with Abbys) have done well in the show circuit.

Sienna was true to Abby form, very in your face, always waiting for something, even when she had been given her food she would stay rooted to the spot, ever optimistic that there was more to come. Sienna had  very definite likes when it came to her food, she liked “plain”, wouldn’t touch coriander, parsley anything just a little bit exotic. She was a Spring Greens, celery, carrots and lettuce girl through and through. She enjoyed to munch on Just Grass and hays and could often be found on top of a pile of Just Grass, eating her way out.

Her best pal was Emi her sister, they were never far apart, though Sienna was an eye washer too and she could frequently be seen washing Lily’s eyes and sometimes Zola’s if she was allowed.

The main thing I will remember Sienna for is barbering, on arrival here she barbered everyone in the herd, be they long or short haired, and this wasn’t just the odd nibble it was chewing off/pulling out coat in large patches. Poor Jasmine was one of her first “clients”.

Sienna would pull hair right out too, not just nibble.

Scissor Sister Sienna's handiwork, not long after she arrived here.

Jasmine was one of Sienna Scissor Sisiter's first victims!

Although the barbering never ceased it did lessen, Sienna would chew Glo’s hair or tug at it if she wanted to get past her (usually to get to food). She did this to the others as well but to a seemingly lesser extent.

Sienna attended every Piggy PM that was held while she was here, usually as the fidgety guinea in the vet room.

I still miss that little orange nose asking for more food, even though I still have her sister, they are alike but different, I always felt Sienna had more time for me, was more of a cuddle pig than Emi. I think it was all food based though, guineas do love but its food based love, I’m under no illusions here 🙂

Sienna Scissor Sister

Sienna and Emi

Sienna and Caprice 2010

Sienna October 2011