… Dolly…

7Dolly arrived on Planet Guinea in 2011, age 2 years. She has left us at the not so bad age of 6 and a half after spiralling slowly down over the last few months

Showing obvious signs of aging, slow and gradual weight loss,  general hair thinning and moving around slower, but it wasn’t until the day before she died that eating habits changed. Dolly was an Alpaca, known for their big appetites, and never refused baby corn,  or turned her nose up to the dry food, kitchen d of indicating the beginning of the end 😕

Dolly didn’t go to the vets for treatment  once, only to keep her friends company.

She is the fluffy Star on Planet Guinea, sometimes in the background sometimes at the front, depending on who’s  nearby. She’s quite happy to let others have centre stage.

RIP my Dilly Dolly, miss your little agouti face n white lip that greets me in the morning.