Keenan and Kel…

Keenan and Kel were brought to RGPR because their Humans were emigrating. Two Chocolate Dutch types that originated from down Devon way but ended up in Reading with their Humans. I remember how very sad the Humans were at having to part with the boys, they were well loved pets that had been with the family from babies. I was told about their love of runner beans and how they were they favourite treat :)

I always had the intention of taking them in and rehoming them, despite being around 5 years. However as they were likely to only “appeal” to certain homes I asked Chrissie if she would foster them for me.  This would give them a little more individual attention which would be nice if they didn’t find a home. Chrissie was happy to have them and after a short stay here they went to her.

When Keenan was 5 1/2 he presented with symptoms suggesting a stone, he was rushed up to see James (our then vet) who confirmed a stone was indeed present but he wasn’t too happy about doing surgery when there was another way of helping the situation. Had Keenan been a dog or cat James would simply have “manually” moved the stone and without using anaesthetic. Although he hadn’t done this procedure on a guinea pig before he was keen to try it and convinced it was a good option. Keenan came home that day pain free (if a little sore), and lived another 6 months with his stone. The one time that he did become in pain again James simply moved the stone again until it wasn’t in a place that caused pain.

I will always look to rehome Senior pigs from RGPR, I believe that every guinea pig deserves to have a chance at having that second or third etc Human and the lifestyle and attention they deserve. Who am I to label them as “old” and ” not rehomable”? To me a guinea pig is “not rehomable” if the right Human doesn’t come along, whose fault is that? Certainly not a reason, in my opinion, to deny anyone a home and Human of their own.

Karen (who isn’t ageist) :)

Kel in the background with Keenan in front.

Keenan and Kel shortly after they arrived here, enjoying run time.