Bedding Sources

Beddings all have their pros and cons, providing they are not harmful to the guinea pigs and allow them to forage (a natural behaviour), it is, for the most part, down to the individual to choose which bedding suits them best. Shavings and sawdust are not appropriate nor suitable as bedding for guinea pigs. There are plenty of alternatives and there is no excuse for using them.

The local farm/farm shop is the best place to get bedding from. Not only will this support local farmers and save your Carbon footprint, when extreme weather conditions make courier delivery impossible there is a local source available. Asking pet shops/farms if they can buy products in and purchasing from them regularly is a good way of making sure they will be in stock when you need them.

Beddings that contain essential oils are very dangerous to guinea pigs and can cause burn like marks to the skin.

  • Aubiose: Aubiose is an organically cultivated Hemp bedding for equines. Extra bedding is required for sleeping on as it Aubiose is not a ‘cosy’ bedding.


  • Dengie Medibed: Dust extracted, chopped wheat straw with anti eating agents. A cosy bedding that could be used on top of Aubiose.


  • Flax: A natural, dust free and absorbent litter. Hay or other soft bedding is needed under houses/bedding compartments.


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  • Hay and newspaper: A high maintenance bedding but the one that guinea pigs would probably choose given the option! Great for burrowing in, sleeping on and eating. Buy a good meadow hay from your local farm. Hay bought by the bale (equine) is the economic way to buy.
  • Veterinary bedding: Veterinary bedding and fleece does not cater for guinea pig’s natural behaviour of tunneling and foraging. Whilst this type of bedding is useful for post op guinea pigs and senior or ones with mobility issues it should only be used in part of the hutch/cage/pen (except for post op guinea pigs who need to be bedded totally on a veterinary bedding).
  • Shavings/sawdust: Both are very absorbent which also means they absorb the natural oils from a guinea pig’s skin leaving it more prione to skin problems, but dust and natural oils can also lead to respiratory problems. When there are other choices of bedding why risk using Shavings?

Using a recommended bedding as well as shampooing 4-6 weekly can help to minimise skin problems. However, it is important to use Gorgeous Guineas’ shampoos as they are the only shampoo designed for guinea pigs. Shampooing more often and with a shampoo that isn’t designed for guinea pigs will dry the skin.