Blossom’s Story: Blossom arrived with 17 other guineas, her Humans had bred them because it seemed like a good idea at the time and pet shops were willing to take any excess babies. Unfortunately the demand from the pet shop was smaller than the amount of available babies and the situation got out of hand.
Blossom arrived in comparable style- a 3 foot hutch containing her and her 4 day old pups, the other 15 were in 2 washing baskets with towels draped over the top.
Poor Blossom was in an horrendous state, she would just sit there hunched feeding her two pups,spine protuding through the few hairs that were left on her back- this was more than maternal hairloss. For the first few wheeks she bunny hopped around looking utterly pathetic but so needy and knowing.
A Human that had recently adopted a sow from me offered to help, as well as fostering two sows she made me some guinea friendly shampoo that she thought might help. I was trying veterinary products with no luck so thought it was worth a try. Blossom responded to treatment and grew a fuzz all over her body. As did the two foster pigs taken on by the Human that made the shampoos- but thats another story…. Blossom was rehomed with her daughter Dixie to live free range in a large shed.