Basic Adoption Policy

We ask for a realistic donation of a minimum £20 per Guinea. This goes towards the upkeep of guinea pigs in our care i.e. shampoo, food, bedding and vets bills. At the end of the year we (unfortunately), have to show that guinea pigs are financially worth rescuing and not a drain on funds. Some guineas arrive in very poor condition and need months of loving care before they are ready to be rehomed.

Read our shopping list to find a list of things you will need before you adopt guinea.

In order to adopt guinea you must be able to:

· Provide Animal Welfare Act compliant housing and an outdoor run for the summer (or alternative indoor exercise space).

· Give Guinea a companion, they are sociable animals.

· Give daily exercise outside the hutch/cage.

· Spend plenty of time with guinea each day– they need lots of love and cuddles.

· Feed a variety of fresh foods and change water daily.

· Clean out the cage 2-3 times weekly and regularly wash with an approved disinfectant .

· Groom and bath regularly.

· Ensure your guinea receives prompt medical care from a qualified guinea competent vet.

· Know someone who will care for your guineas when you are away.

· Be aware of your guineas potential lifespan (5-7 years, sometimes older) they are a long term commitment.

· Live in the Reading or Oxon area.

Undergo a ‘Home Visit’ to ensure that the guinea pig is going to a suitable home.

We want our guineas to find “Forever Homes”, hence the amount of trouble we take in rehoming.  At no time are we testing you – it is always our wish to educate. All our homes must be Animal Welfare Act 2007 compliant. Check out our forum for more details.

We prefer our Guineas to go to homes where they will be loved and given lots of attention because they have had a bad start in life. This is usually only possible where there are a small number kept. Each home is treated on its own merits but realistically we prefer that they go to homes where there are less than ten guineas, unless circumstances are exceptional.