Wheekerpedia: S

S is for:


A dark sepia coloured “shaded cavy”. A lighter shade of Sepia on the belly, eyes are dark ruby.


A glossy looking guinea pig. Glossy in a different way to matt coloured guinea pigs. Some of the Satin lines are affected with Osteodystrophy- a metabollic disease. Responsible breeders do not breed from affected lines.

Scurf: Scurf is dead skin that can be an indication of fungal problems.


A solid coloured, typey guinea pig with droopy ears and large eyes. Found in a variety of standardised colours.

Septrin: The trade name for Trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole or Co-trimoxazole. An antibiotic useful in the treatment of upper respiratory tract infections and urinary tract infections.

Shavings (wood): An unacceptable form of bedding for guinea pigs because all wood bedding contains oils- natural or otherwise and you will always run the risk of respiratory/skin problems or your guinea pig becoming sensitised to the oils. Alternatives such as Aubiose, Medibed, Flax and Megazorb are as widely available through farm shops.


A long haired smooth variety of guinea pig. The hair goes back off the face.

Skinny Pig: 

A hairless variety (almost), they have hair on the nose and feet.

Solid Agouti: An Agouti that is ticked all over the body including the belly.

Sow: Female guinea pig.


A ‘frizzy’, semi longhaired, coated variety of guinea pig that is available in all colours.

Syringe: A 1ml syringe is an important piece of equipment for the first aid kit. Bigger syringes are better for attaching to Canulas and flushing abscesses.