Grid Cages

Grid cages are made from Correx (UK) and grids used to build to build shelving units (usually used by shops for display). The Grid System is very flexible size and shape wise when it comes to building and can be accomodated in most spaces. Along with other features of the environment size and space is important to all guinea pigs and contributes greatly to their wellbeing. The recommended pen/hutch size for 2 guinea pigs is 4 foot by 2 foot minimum (120cm by 60cm). These are the sizes recommended to D.E.F.R.A. by the R.S.P.C.A. for The Animal Welfare Act.

  • Grids are, in most places, 14 inches square with a variety of “mesh”. Some have a much larger mesh than others. The larger sized mesh is obviously not adequate where mini pigs/young pigs are being kept (take note of the size of the guinea pig as opposed to just the age). Grids are supplied with connectors that can be used with or without cable ties providing the end product is a stable unit. Using both connectors and ties is a good combination as it adds stability.
  • Correx (referred to as Coroplast in the US), is a corrugated plastic used to build the base of the pen and “walls”. In the UK Correx is usually sold in sheets of varying thickness (which impacts on cost and quality) and 8 foot by 4 foot in size. Available online or locally by sourcing a supplier in the Yellow Pages. By using the search engine on the Yellow Pages using the word “correx” and your area many establishments with details will be brought up. It is worth contacting (phone or email) to find out if they can supply correx as it isn’t always advertised.

Suppliers of grids:

  • Monarch Direct

  • Display Sense

Guinea Pig Welfare have not purchased from any of these websites. Grids/cubes are sometimes available on Ebay. For further details and ideas see

Grid cages must be built so that they are easily cleaned.

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