On Ninth November 2012 the lovely Zola went to be a Star on Planet Guinea; she’s the dark but prominent one, soft, blunt edges, still and silent but capturing your gaze with hers…

Missing You is easy,

Remembering You is not,

I want to feel your gaze,

Smell your warmth,

See your thoughts as I walk through the door…

Head high,

Eyes speaking your mind,

Wondering what’s there to find…

You stand away from the crowd,

Though know your place,

At the top of my list :)

And I can feel you wheeking

When I’m thinking of You…

I first met Zola at a friends, wandering around her large pen with her friends. Her friends moved over to the other side and into houses but Zola stood and captured my eyes, commanded my gaze, that achieved she then let me pick her up for a cuddle. My friend said I could have her as she had had her 2 litters and deserved a nice pet home. As much as I wanted to there was no room at the inn so I came home empty handed and secretly not wanting to visit again soon and have to leave Zola yet again. On my next visit  I did have room and Zola came home with me :D She brought her long gaze with her and it was put to good use when she wanted some of her favourite Baby Corn!  Her long looks making me feel guilty if there wasn’t any.

At one Piggy PM Zola was in great demand by one little boy in particular! A young boy (about 8) insisted on holding Zola in the guinea pig room; Zola was happy to be held but on her terms and when she’d had enough she had to get down! It was suggested that one of the others would be much better to hold but the lad was having none of it and eventually compromised that if he held Zola he would have to give her back when she wanted to go. It seemed there was some sort of connection going on- Zola sat for the longest and was the most relaxed she had ever been!

Karen, Missing the black nose…

Zola Summer 2012

With her friends, 2012