Friends of RGPR

Thankyou to:

everyone for your communications and donations; spontaneous, ‘unasked for’ support is the best.

Our crew of fundraisers make the Piggie PMs what they are, everyone can take credit for their own section and the awareness and money they are raising.

Homecheckers, for giving up your free time to give advice and secure homes for our guinea pigs, I couldn’t do this without you, you are an extremely rare breed….

Our boarding piggery who can sometimes mean the difference between life and death for a guinea. There are a few guineas that wouldn’t have been rescued had it not been for you.

Active Vetcare, simply for doing their job so well (all of them, nurses, receptionists and vets!). Also for going the extra mile and allowing us to host our Piggy PMs at the practise.

SPH Supplies for their help in a continued practical way, sometimes just throwing money at a situation just won’t work, their donations of Cavy Cuisine and hays are very welcome.

Reading and Oxon RSPCA for their financial support and for always being there with the ‘correct answer’. The Reading and Oxon Branch is one with many knowledgeable twigs on!

Gorgeous Guineas for your continued support despite the constructive feedback you receive- lesser people would see this as criticism! Your matched donations of GG products have helped a lot of guineas.

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