Wheekerpedia: K

K is for:

Kale: A high Calcium green that is well liked by most guinea pigs. Despite being high in Calcium Kale is light in comparison to Phosphorus heavy foods so can be fed in a properly Calcium and Phosphorus balanced diet.

Knots: Longer haired guinea pigs will benefit from being bathed in Posh N Go shampoo from Gorgeous Guineas. It is a conditioning shampoo that should lessen the build up of knots if  regularly (4-6 weekly). Knots can be uncomfortable and eventually cause skin sores that may weep.

Knowing: Knowing your guinea pig’s individual ways can be key to their good health. Recognising when they are “out of sorts” could be just the beginning of an illness. Get to know your guinea pig, it might just save their life.

Kwench Lotion: A  light, non greasy lotion that is excellent for small fungal patches, cracked/crusty nipples and ears. Available from Gorgeous Guineas.