Wheekerpedia: F

F is for:

Fatty Eye: A condition that takes many forms but as a general rule is harmless. Where the guinea pig is in pain an operation MAY be beneficial though this is extremely rare.. Also referred to as “Pea Eye”, the condition is quite possibly an inherited condition and once present is a permanent.

Fertility: Sows are fertile once every two weeks (approximately) and for approximately 12 hours. Many unplanned pregancies happen as a result of the boar being left with a pregnant sow until she births, she is fertile once again during the 24 hours after the birth for a 12 hour period. During this time, it seems, sows are very likely to become pregnant again. Obviously this is not ideal for the sow.

Fibreplex: Available from Vet UK a high fibre paste formulation for rabbits and other small animals, including guinea pigs.

Fiddlestix: Wooden logs that can be bent into an arch for a house or put on its side it can be used as a manger for hay.

Fits: Fits can be induced by scratching as a result of parasitic or more commonly, fungal skin problems. When bathing/handling a guinea pig with a chronic skin problem take advice from Chrissie of Gorgeous Guineas, info@gorgeousguineas.com. If the fitting is due to neurological problems then the advice of a vet should be sought. Never interrupt a fitting guinea pig, make sure they are safe while having the fit and then remain calm and stay with them while they come around.

Fox Variety: The Fox comes in Black, Chocolate, Lilac and Beige. They are smooth, solid coloured guinea pigs with very clear white markings round the eyes chest and belly.

Fractures: Fractures need assessing by a vet. Often there is little that can be done and where treatment is possible some adaptation may be needed to any changes in the way a limb, for example, is used, however guinea pigs are great at adapting, disabled is not in their vocabulary. If a guinea pig is not eating due to pain enough pain relief should be given to ease the pain but care should be taken that the guinea pig does not use parts of the body round the fracture that should be resting, pain is natures way of making them rest. Putting the guinea pig in a smaller enclosure might help to limit activity too.

Fucithalmic: An antibiotic eye ointment, used in the treatment of eye injuries.

Fuciderm: A veterinary product used to treat moist dermatitis (‘hot spots’) and intertrigo (skin fold. dermatitis).

Fungal: Because of the humid climate in the United Kingdom guinea pigs are prone to developing fungal problems, identified by dandruff and hair that can be removed by tugging it gently and has clumps of skin at the base. A fungal guinea pig that is not treated (or treated incorrectly) will advance to the stage where the skin is burning hot to the touch and fitting may occur. Gorgeous Guineas have developed products that are gentle to use on such delicate skin. The products were developed when guinea pig rescues had varying degrees of fungal problems present in their guinea pig rescues.Check out Gorgeous Guineas for some identification tips.