Find a guinea pig

Precious was part of an abandoned group of guinea pigs found last year by a dog walker. All the sows that came in were pregnant (despite being youngsters themselves). Precious has now found her Forever Home and is living as an indoor guinea pig with her new friends.

When you have researched your guinea pigs’ needs consider rescue as an option.

There are hundreds of guinea pigs in rescues up and down the country and hundreds more waiting for a space in one.

Rescue guinea pigs are often guinea pigs that have been bought without proper advice and sometimes incorrect advice, e.g. sexing.

Rescues will usually provide you with information sheets on their care and back up help after the adoption. They often have samples of food etc to help ease your new guinea pigs into their new home.

The variety of guinea pigs is endless and some are pretty unique specimens! Guinea pigs with different hairstyles, colours ages and characters all end up in rescue. There is a guinea pig to suit everyone, a reputable rescue will help match the guineas to your lifestyle.

Potential adopters with lone guinea pigs should be encouraged to bring them out to choose a friend. Pairing guinea pigs can be fraught and when the guinea pig is allowed to make the choice things generally go smoother. Its helpful to have someone else’s opinion on whether this is ‘normal behaviour’ or not too!

Rescue guinea pigs should be treated for mites and kept until it is certain that sows are not pregnant by most rescues. Where it is needed veterinary treatment is given. You will receive advice about which vet to use in the area– one that the rescue uses is a good idea usually, they do at least see lots of guinea pigs. But it still pays to ask your questions and put your mind at rest.

Your donation will help the other guinea pigs that are in the care of the rescue, and you will be freeing up room for the next rescue guinea pig needing a space (quite likely a pet shop piggy).

So if you fancy a pretty pet shop pig why not pay a visit to your local rescue- they probably have just the one! Registered & Protected

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