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Guinea Pigs United: Bringing Guinea Pigs and Humans together…

Guinea Pigs United provides guidance on finding your guinea pig a new home if unfortunately you can no longer keep then or if you are looking for a guinea pig(s) some points to consider in order that the home you are providing is at least Animal Welfare Act compliant. Occasionaly we know of guinea pigs that are looking for homes and also Humans trying to rehome their guineas. We are happy to provide guidance on rehoming/adopting but cannot carry out homechecks etc.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee homes, neither can we provide home visits. Similarly we cannot guarantee, of course, that any guinea pigs received will be fit and healthy. Please read our advice on collecting your guinea pig and finding a home for your guinea pig.

Please answer these questions in as much detail as possible and email with your answers:

  • Looking for a Guinea Pig(s)?
  • Please answer the following questions as they have been laid out below (ie answer each point separately) :
  1. Where will they live, i.e indoor or outside (shed/outbuilding Septermber-April)? Is shed heated/unheated?
  2. What bedding do you use? Shavings is not acceptable bedding for guinea pigs. Vetbed/fleece beddings must also have an area not less than half cage size put down to a disposable/foragable bedding such as Hippofan Flax and hay for foraging must also be provided to satisfy behavioural needs. See for guinea pig friendly beddings. Bed O’ Linum is particularly good.
  3. List which foods you will be feeding, dry and fresh. Hay makes up the bulk of the diet, a low nutritional value meadow hay, other hay varieties can be fed but remember the american “green hays” are also nutrionally higher in value. Ratewatchers provides a list of suitable foodstuffs in the correct proportions to be fed as well as some example menus.
  4. How often do you bath your guineas and with what? Gorgeous Guineas make the only handmade aromatherapy products (from scratch) specifically for guineas.
  5. Which vet will you use? Use these questions to find a good vet before adopt your guinea(s).
  6. How big is your cage/pen/hutch? The minimum recommended size for 2 guinea pigs (and guinea pigs must be kept in at a pair) is 120 cm by 60cm or 4 foot by 2 foot.
  7. Which county/area do you live in (UK only please!)?
  8. Do you have any other pets/children? How old are the children (useful for matching Humans to guineas).

Also try: Guinea Pig Rescues.

See these questions to ask when you are getting your guinea pigs: Questions to ask when getting your guinea pig.

  • Do you have a guinea pig looking for a home?

1. What is the gender of the guinea pig(s)?

2. What age (approximately) is the guinea pig(s)? Adult/juvenille (around 6 to 12 months) or baby will be fine if not sure.

3. What medical problems has guinea(s) had? Please include suspected illnesses/skin problems and diagnosed by a vet.

4. Which vet/s has guinea(s) visited (vital for referral notes).

5. What hair type is guinea i.e. Long/semi long  or short. This is useful for people that might not want a long haired. But the most important factor after that is that the guineas match their new home/humans/guinea friend, not that they are, for example, a curly coated golden longhair…. Looks are not important unless there is a choice of 2 well matched guineas.

6. What, if anything, will you be offering with guinea in the way of cage etc (must be at least minimum size, if someone wants to gieve a guinea a home that much they will provide compliant housing, if not can you be sure they will provide for future needs?).

7. Where did you originally obtain the guinea(s) from? Have you asked them if they want/will take the guinea/s back?

8. Which county/area do you live in? UK only please.

Any other relevant information such as arrangements for pairing a lone guinea (ie are you prepared to travel and how far)/nominated rescue for a donation to be made to etc etc. Read Rehoming Your Guinea Pigs for guidance on finding your pet(s) a home.

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