Albie’s and Bradley’s Story

A peep into a boar bonding diary from Glyneath Guinea Pig Rescue who take in boars that are looking for friends to try them with their own rescue boars.

bradley n albie

Hay makes a good distraction, the two can retend to eat while secretly eyeing each other up.

“Bradley was born at the rescue (one of Prof. Lolipops’ 8 babies), sadly his beloved Colin has passed away so he has popped back for a visit and hopefully a new best friend.

Albie arrived in Oct as a very undersized, terrified 7 month old and has just blossomed. He’s such a happy lad now. 


 Day 1: Bradley’s first choice is Albie, a younger boy with a big personality. They spent the last 24 hrs in a divided cage with no signs of aggression but plenty of curiosity. They are now sharing the same space, busy munching at the moment.

    Some very mild dominance displays and a bit of mutual grooming. It’s going very well!

Day 2:  Not a peep from these two overnight and they are happily tucking into breakfast. I’ll monitor for the rest of the day to ensure there’s no intimidation and that Bradley is coping ok with a lively friend (Bradley was born with only one functioning eye). I don’t expect there to be any problems and they should be ready to come home tomorrow” 

house share bna

   Day 2


Day 2 sharing a house.

These two went home and are currently living happily together (March 2015). Thanks to Suzy for their story.




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