The gorgeous Eden left us this wheek (12 February 2010) to become a star on Planet Guinea.She is the grey star with light circles on and a long white patch. Often seen in the distance but at certain, regular  times makes very definite movements towards the front stars, almost rocking and turning up on end…

Eden arrived last summer after her short showing career ended when she didn’t meet the size needed to compete successfully. Being undersize, despite coming from excellent stock, also meant Eden was not a candidate to breed from. We welcomed Eden here to spend her retirement with Cloud’s group. Cloud had no leading lady and it wasn’t long before Eden had assumed that role and quietly but confidently became Cloud’s top sow.

Eden would come and sit next to me when I cleaned out their pen, I would often turn round only for her to be sat there alongside me :) Quietly confident is how I would describe Eden :)

Over the last few weeks Eden had lost a little weight making her dewlap look more pronounced, I thought. Soon it was clear that it was a swelling, not her dewlap as such and Jenny confirmed that she either had a heart problem or infection, likely an infection as she was still only two.

Despite taking Rimadyl and Baytril Eden chose to be a star on Planet Guinea. Nibbling News have put her on their front page as a tribute to her- she was on their commemerative issue last year, flying the flag for guinea pigs :)

Karen (Missing that Lilac nose asking for more Just Grass, pleeeease)

Eden at Christmas

Eden, not long after arriving on Planet Guinea 🙂