Wheekerpedia: G

G is for:

Grass: The natural food for guinea pigs. Although grass can be fed ad lib it should be remembered that the grass in the United Kingdom is better quality than their digestive systems are designed for. In the spring grass is high in Phosphorus and care should be taken when feeding it or bloat may occur. Timothy and Orchard Grass are well suited to guinea pigs but are also better when mature, care still needs to be taken when these grasses are new.

Grease Gland: The gland that can be seen where the base of the tail stump would be if guinea pigs had tails.


Guinea pigs are very good at grooming themselves and keeping clean but can’t avoid conditions due to their environment, such as fungal issues in the UK’s humid climate. Therefore bathing every 4 weeks is necessary, much research was done by Vedra Stanley Spatcher regarding this and Guinea Pig friendly business, Gorgeous Guineas, have seconded this.

Guinea pig: Also known as the Cavy (Cavies).