Piggy PMs

Piggy PMs are open afternoons first organised by Reading Guinea Pig Rescue at Active Vetcare in Tilehurst. Regularly attended by Gorgeous Guineas and The Hay Experts along with Guinea Pig Welfare and Planet Guinea. The set up has a Vet Room with guinea pigs where demonstrations of syringe feeding, tablet giving and medicine giving are shown. As well as this related pictures of the theme of the day (eg skincare) are displayed. Staff are happy to answer any questions but cannot give advice on individual cases of course.

The aim is to promote awareness of guinea pig care by using the Pigfesto which is based on the RSPCA’s 5 Freedoms as recommended to DEFRA. Guinea Pig Welfare believe that if all the Freedoms were observed as a base in all homes life would be so much better for guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs are always present and available for holding in one of the consult rooms, again this is run by one of willing volunteers and any donations made will fund whatever is needed at the time. For example, we have recently had an extension to our shed for hay storage and to put runs in in the damp weather, contributions from Piggy PMs has made it possible.

Volunteers organise a raffle/tombola and sometimes other events/competitions as a lighter side to the afternoon.

But the success of the day is only completed by those who attend, a mixture of guinea pig enthusiasts and guinea pig pet owners, either seeking an afternoon in the company of like minded people or maybe looking for some reliable advice.