P is for:

Perfect Paws: An ointment made by Gorgeous Guineas especially for guinea pigs.

Permethrin is a synthetic version of Pyrethrum with the chemical constituents based on those found in natural Pyrethrum. It is this synthetic version that is most often used in insecticidal products because it is far more stable in sunlight. Natural Pyrethrum breaks down in about 12 hours, but Permethrin is far more stable and longer-lasting at 30 days plus. Should NOT be given to guineas as there are safer options. Permethrin is present in Xenex Ultra but not in Xeno 450 (guineas over 800g) and Xeno 50 (guineas under 800g) the recommended treatment of mites in guinea pigs. Read Daisy’s Story.



A long haired variety of guinea pig. Two rump rosettes throw the hair forward into a fringe over the face. Regular trimming is needed to prevent matting. The Peruvian comes in all colours.

Peter Gurney: A rodentologist and author who is no longer with us. Visit his website here. Remember that the information on his site is dated and there may be more up to date and effective alternatives now.

Piggy PMs: Open afternoons held at Tilehurst Active Centre, supported by Gorgeous Guineas and The Hay Experts and a band of guinea pig enthusiasts.

 Pigabulary: Guinea pig orientated talk.

Pigionnaire: In the real sense it is someone whose life is truly enriched with the presence of guineas…

Pigtabulous : Anything fabulous that involves guinea pigs!

Pigtionary: A collective place for Pigabulary.

Pigtrigued: To be intrigued with a guinea pig related topic/subject.


Healthy droppings

Poops are as unique as the guinea pig itself, get to know what is normal for your guinea pigs.


Heavily pregnant sow.

A few sows will hardly show that they are carrying pups but most will at least tire towards the end while some are hardly able to move. Feeding the correct diet is important during pregnancy, an increase in vitamin C is needed- sometimes as much as 30mg daily. Guinea pigs don’t do birthing on demand, make sure you know where your closest emergency vet is in case of any problems/issues with the birth. Read “Afterbirth” which contains some frequently asked questions.

Probiotics: To balance gut flora especially when guinea is being given antibiotics but also useful when they have other stomach upsets, use in conjunction with a visit to the vet for a diagnosis as prescription only medicines may be needed.  Probiotics should be given about an hour after antibitics to obtain the best effect. Read a very good definition and clarification of Probiotics/Prebiotics and Synbiotics here: Vetark.

Pups: The name given to baby guinea pigs. Pups are born fully “furred” and “ready to run”, they are generally eating solids within 24 hours of being born, as well as suckling from mum within 12 hours of birth.



4 hour old pups


Day old pups














Pyrethrum is a natural insecticide that comes from the flowers of specific species of Chrysanthemum.